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Many hands make light work! Volunteering is the best way to get to know the students, parents, teachers, and staff of the Dolores Huerta community. No contribution of your time is too small, and there are many opportunities throughout the year. Check out some examples below.

The best way to find out about volunteer opportunities is to come to a PTA Meeting on the first Tuesday of any month. You should also sign up for all communications detailed on our Communications page. And you can always reach out to the PTA Board directly by emailing ptaboard@wearedoloreshuerta.com, and they will gladly accept your offer to help.

Room Reps

At Dolores Huerta, we strive to have at least two room reps for every classroom, and it helps if at least one is bilingual. Some responsibilities of the room reps are:

  • Maintain an updated list of contact information.
  • Connect with the teacher at least once a week to find out about classroom needs and relevant communications, like field trips, volunteer opportunities, enrichment updates, etc.
  • Connect with other parents at morning circle, after-school pick up, and online:
    1. Remind parents of events, volunteer opportunities, and more.
    2. Listen to parents’ questions and concerns. Try to find answers to their questions, and if appropriate, share their concerns with the administration, teacher, parent liaison, PTA, etc.

White Zone

Help students arrive at school safely!  Shifts are 30 minutes starting at 8:10am (20 minutes before school starts) and ending at 8:40am (10 minutes after school starts.)  Email whitezone@wearedoloreshuerta.com to join the team.

Learn more about the White Zone.

Dolores Huerta Merch

Selling Dolores Huerta merchandise at events and meetings helps raise funds and spreads school spirit. You also get to meet a lot of Huerta families and get to know a lot of folks. Everybody wants Huerta merch!

Fundraising Committee

Help our PTA Fundraising Chairs with campaigns, events, shopping/restaurant incentives, writing grants, etc. to keep our PTA providing all the awesomeness.

Recurring Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities that recur every week or month. Check our our Recurring Events page to learn about these events. You can see when the next events occur on our school Calendar. Feel free to just show up. You’re help will always be welcome.

Annual Opportunities

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for Dolores Huerta’s annual events. Many of these events are fundraisers but not all of them. Check out our Annual Events page to learn more and stay tuned for details on specific volunteer opportunities.

Other Opportunities

Lead a school tour in the Fall and share your love of Dolores Huerta with prospective parents. Tours are bilingual, so grab a buddy who speaks the language you don’t or show off your bilingual skills.

Make choir happen by signing up with the choir teacher in the Fall, and coordinating parent chaperones in the Spring.

Join our Education Outside instructor on a gardening day to help keep Dolores Huerta beautiful.

Help with maintaining this website.

Create beautiful graphics for our campaign & event posters, flyers, and announcements.

Organize your class’ art piece for the Fiestaval art auction.

Join the translation team! We want to make sure all announcements are in both Spanish and English.

Discover a new way to improve Dolores Huerta, and make it happen.