Our Vision

En Español

We are Dolores Huerta.
We are family and staff.
We are a community working toward a common goal: to educate our children.

Our students know their own potential and take responsibility for learning at school and at home. Each student has a voice, shows respect and is respected.

Our teachers know that what they do in the classroom every day has a profound impact on the lives of our students. They realize that the responsibility of an educator is to teach, to lead, and to learn.

Our families value education and know that their involvement at home and school is important for successful learning. They understand the challenges of an underfunded public education system and are actively involved in supporting our students and teachers.

Our staff supports our students, teachers and families. Each staff member understands how their work contributes to our students’ academic success.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning. We respect the unique strengths and needs of each child so that they are academically engaged and find joy in learning. We will close the achievement gap.

We believe in bilingualism and strive to break language and cultural barriers. We speak Spanish. Hablamos Inglés.

We work together. We believe in the power of our community.
We are students and teachers.
We are Dolores Huerta.