Dual Immersion

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Dual Language Pathway

Dual Immersion programs give children the opportunity to master a second language at a time when they are cognitively receptive to language acquisition. Our students strive to be bilingual and biliterate by promotion to middle school. Moreover, they learn or retain the rich heritage of Latino culture. Students participating in Dolores Huerta’s Dual Immersion program will attain:

  • Academic achievement in all standard curricular areas
  • Fluency in verbal communication and literacy in two languages (Spanish / English)
  • Ability to interact effectively with students of other cultures

English Language Development (ELD) / Spanish Language Development (SLD) Program

The English Language Development (ELD) / Spanish Language Development (SLD) program at Dolores Huerta provides students a minimum of 30 minutes per day of leveled instruction in their secondary language. Students are organized by language proficiency, with no more than two proficiency levels in one class, allowing teachers to meet the needs of each learner.