School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) demonstrates true shared decision making – across the teaching staff, school administrators, and community members.

The objectives of the SSC are:

  • Advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation of the School Site Plan.
  • Study and refine the School Site Plan to meet the educational needs and learning styles of all students.
  • Support the goals of the district: Access and Equity, Student Achievement, and Accountability.
  • Support the role of the parent, guardian, and caregiver as the first teachers of the child.
  • Provide opportunities for all parents, guardians, and caregivers to develop the intellectual, social, and physical abilities of their children.
  • Take other actions as required by the California Education Code.

For more information about the SSC, visit SFUSD’s SSC Site.

School Site Counsel Roster 2018-2019


  • Laura Chiera, 3rd grade
  • Ray Refuerzo, 4th grade
  • Diana Vasquez, 5th grade
  • Bethany Goed, 3rd grade
  • Rosa Hernandez, Kinder & 2nd grade
  • Kevin Cline, 4th grade


  • Gabriela Garcia, 3rd grade
  • Griselda (Amezcua) Hooks, 1st grade
  • Luis Rodriguez, Principal
  • Evelyn Hernandez, 1st grade
  • Tilcia Olaya, Parent Liaison
  • Nataly Terrazas, Noon Monitor