Bloomz Instructions

En Español

If you prefer the web, here’s the Bloomz Website

The app is best on phone. Add it to yours with the instructions below

Access Code
The easiest way to set up an account on Bloomz is with an access code. Your teacher or room
representative can provide your access code. When you join your class group, you’ll also be able to join
the Dolores Huerta Community group.

Community Code
If you don’t have your class code yet, you can use this code to join the Dolores Huerta community group: JEPWR6

● Download the Bloomz app for iPhone or Android.
● Open the app. The first page should be Screen 1 below.

● Click the blue Scan or Enter Code which will take you to Screen 2, below.

● After adding the code, click on Next which will take you to Screen 3, below.

● If you already have a Bloomz account, start your session using the blue link “Sign in Here”
If you don’t have a Bloomz account, fill out the form, click on Next and you’ll be directed to the
page for the class or the community that you joined.