Commemorate Dolores Huerta Elementary

Apr 15, 2019 | News

Help us Commemorate Dolores Huerta Elementary

As you may know, our school’s name was recently changed from Fairmount to Dolores Huerta Elementary. Principal Rodriguez summarized the reason for the name change as follows:
Our school is where we want to teach students the power of voice, the power of presence, the power of being, the power of standing up for dignity and fighting for equity, embodying the life lessons and activism of someone like Dolores Huerta. By adopting the name of a strong Latina leader, we also would like to send a message of empowerment to all our female students, particularly our female students of color.

To commemorate this historic name change, we are raising funds to pay for improvements around the school, including:

  • new murals designed and created with the help our students
  • a bronze plaque honoring the history of Fairmount Elementary
  • new signage for the school
  • books about Dolores Huerta for every classroom
  • a community celebration on May 17 with Dolores Huerta

Please join us in honoring Dolores Huerta and commemorating this historic name change. Any donation will help make an impact.

Read more about the name change here:
Fairmount renamed to honor Dolores Huerta

Here’s a recent news story about our fundraiser:

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Thanks in advance for your contribution.